domenica 7 febbraio 2010

Cullurielli from Calabria!




Hi dear readers, today I want to share with you these wonderful salty fritters. I ate these for the first time 26 years ago, with my husband -he was my boyfriend then!- at a friend's house.. My friend's mum was from Calabria, southern Italy..and that is the region of Italy where these wonderful fritters come from!
I just couldn't remember the name after such a long time, but with my daughter, we managed to look for the name over the web, and when I saw the pics, yeah! it was that ..So I began to make them again (this is already the second year). The original recipe counts the use of an anchovy inside..but I keep it simple,don't put can put it anyway! The best type of potato for these fritters is surely the "Red potato of Sila" but I can't find them here, so any other kind of potato should be good!

But now, I will give you the recipe - you can half the ingredients, but remember, if you half the flour, you have to half the potatoes quantity as well!!

  • 1 kg flour
  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 1 portion of brewer's yeast
  • 1 egg
  • anchovies (optional)
  • salt
  Boil potatoes and whilst they're still hot, helping yourself with a fork, peel them. Pour flour in a bowl and mash potatoes right in the bowl, add salt and the egg. Melt yeast in a cup of warm water, add it to the mixture and start kneading, keep kneading til it's soft.  Shape it into a round, soft and swollen mixture, place it in the bowl, cover it with a cloth and leave it til it becomes at least twice bigger as it was (it will take you at least 2 hours). Then take small amounts from the dough and shape them into small balls, with your fingers make a hole in them, cover the rings with a cloth and let them rise for half an hour.
Warm some oil, and fry them 2 or 3 for time in deep oil. Remember to turn them every now and then to allow cooking on both sides.

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Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Annalisa!!
Mmmmmm....They look so-o-o-o good!! I have never made fritters but there is a first time for everything!! I know my hubby would love them as he loves anything that is fried..... I will copy your recipe & give it a try.
Thanks so much for this......

Felted House ha detto...

It's so interesting looking at all your wonderful recipes, such different ideas and techniques to what I know! These look delicious! xx

Sue ha detto...

Hello, Annalisa!
You make me hungry...
I'll try to cook!

Rita ha detto...

You photos are Perfect! they look so good; I can almost taste them.

Merchi ha detto...

Annalisa, these salty fritters..uhmmmmmm divine. Sweets, balances, I like all :)


Doreen Frost ha detto...

MMMM..these look so good!


love lives in the kitchen ha detto...

io amo tutto quello che è fritto! purtroppo il mio corpo no :( è per la prima volta nella mia vita che mi sono resa conto che forse dovrei limitarmi... in ogni caso la tua ricetta è spattacolare e non vedo l'ora di provarla. qui sta di nuovo per nevicare e fa davvero molto freddo perciò servirebbe una specie di "confort food", esattamente come questa!
a presto,

Paola Albanese ha detto...

Che belli, li cercavo da tanto tempo me li aveva consigliati di assaggiarli una amica calabrese :))
Complimenti per il blog.

Victoria ha detto...

oh wow i want one of those after the day i have had!! yum yum! x

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti ha detto...

Thank you Annalisa! My in-laws are from Calabria and they make these but they call them zeppoles! I have their recipe but yours looks easier ...I can't wait to make these! We love them with anchovies in them!

You've made me very happy tonight!