domenica 7 febbraio 2010

Cullurielli from Calabria!




Hi dear readers, today I want to share with you these wonderful salty fritters. I ate these for the first time 26 years ago, with my husband -he was my boyfriend then!- at a friend's house.. My friend's mum was from Calabria, southern Italy..and that is the region of Italy where these wonderful fritters come from!
I just couldn't remember the name after such a long time, but with my daughter, we managed to look for the name over the web, and when I saw the pics, yeah! it was that ..So I began to make them again (this is already the second year). The original recipe counts the use of an anchovy inside..but I keep it simple,don't put can put it anyway! The best type of potato for these fritters is surely the "Red potato of Sila" but I can't find them here, so any other kind of potato should be good!

But now, I will give you the recipe - you can half the ingredients, but remember, if you half the flour, you have to half the potatoes quantity as well!!

  • 1 kg flour
  • 1 kg potatoes
  • 1 portion of brewer's yeast
  • 1 egg
  • anchovies (optional)
  • salt
  Boil potatoes and whilst they're still hot, helping yourself with a fork, peel them. Pour flour in a bowl and mash potatoes right in the bowl, add salt and the egg. Melt yeast in a cup of warm water, add it to the mixture and start kneading, keep kneading til it's soft.  Shape it into a round, soft and swollen mixture, place it in the bowl, cover it with a cloth and leave it til it becomes at least twice bigger as it was (it will take you at least 2 hours). Then take small amounts from the dough and shape them into small balls, with your fingers make a hole in them, cover the rings with a cloth and let them rise for half an hour.
Warm some oil, and fry them 2 or 3 for time in deep oil. Remember to turn them every now and then to allow cooking on both sides.

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Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Annalisa!!
Mmmmmm....They look so-o-o-o good!! I have never made fritters but there is a first time for everything!! I know my hubby would love them as he loves anything that is fried..... I will copy your recipe & give it a try.
Thanks so much for this......

Felted House ha detto...

It's so interesting looking at all your wonderful recipes, such different ideas and techniques to what I know! These look delicious! xx

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello, Annalisa!
You make me hungry...
I'll try to cook!

Rita ha detto...

You photos are Perfect! they look so good; I can almost taste them.

Merchi ha detto...

Annalisa, these salty fritters..uhmmmmmm divine. Sweets, balances, I like all :)


Doreen Frost ha detto...

MMMM..these look so good!


love lives in the kitchen ha detto...

io amo tutto quello che è fritto! purtroppo il mio corpo no :( è per la prima volta nella mia vita che mi sono resa conto che forse dovrei limitarmi... in ogni caso la tua ricetta è spattacolare e non vedo l'ora di provarla. qui sta di nuovo per nevicare e fa davvero molto freddo perciò servirebbe una specie di "confort food", esattamente come questa!
a presto,

Paola Albanese ha detto...

Che belli, li cercavo da tanto tempo me li aveva consigliati di assaggiarli una amica calabrese :))
Complimenti per il blog.

Victoria ha detto...

oh wow i want one of those after the day i have had!! yum yum! x

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti ha detto...

Thank you Annalisa! My in-laws are from Calabria and they make these but they call them zeppoles! I have their recipe but yours looks easier ...I can't wait to make these! We love them with anchovies in them!

You've made me very happy tonight!

Unknown ha detto...

What do you mean by a portion of brewer's yeast. What can I use to replace brewer's yeast and in what quantities

Annalisa ha detto...

I mean 25 grams of brewer's yest: this is the portion here in Italy. You can replace it with 1 sachet( usually 7 grams) of dry brewer's yest

Vale64 ha detto...

Ottima ricetta mia zia sempre li faceva. Mi puoi dire quanti grammi e il lievito.?

Annalisa ha detto...

25 g di lievito di birra fresco

Lorraine ha detto...

Mi papa veined di Calabria. I made these with my 88 yr old dad a couple of days ago. We used his recipe but it is very close to yours. Buono Natale. (G. Buffone)

Annalisa ha detto...

Thank you Lorraine, I wish a Merry Christmas to you too! Buon Natale anche a te e a tuo papà Lorraine!