domenica 14 febbraio 2010

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥ and Valentine's Tablescape ♥

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! ♥
Today I want to share with you the Valentine's tablescape and something I cooked for this special lovely day..Hope you like it! For the tablescape I used Moogie's giveaway gifts I won :) They're lovely!!!

The heart shaped bread is prepared with milk and butter and the cake is a Victoria chocolate sponge cake with a double cream and chocolate filling.
Enjoy your Valentine's Day with people you love! ♥






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Anonimo ha detto...

Oh....Annalisa.... Your Valentine Tablescape is Beautiful & the bread & cake look heavenly!!
You are such a talented lady!!
Wishing You a Wonderful Valentine's Day!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Annalisa

A lovely table for Valentines day. Thank you for sharing with us, the cake looks very tempting.... can I come for tea??

Have a great day, Jackie in UK.

Victoria ha detto...

Oh wow! oh wow! oh wow! What a lovely table! and the bread!!! siiigh what a lucky hubby! x

Felted House ha detto...

Your heart-shaped bread is so beautiful, and those red mats are perfect - what a lovely table you have arranged! xx

Karen ha detto...

The rings!! OMG, LOVE them ;) so cute!!!

Happy Valentines to you too!!!

Felted House ha detto...

Dear Annalisa, Archie says he would love to see some photos of Coffee, Chocolate and Milky soon, especially Chocolate so he can see what he will look like when he is all grown up! xx

Anonimo ha detto...

Annalisa, I love it that you used the items that you won to showcase Valentine's Day.

Anonimo ha detto...

Happy Valentine's Day! Your table looks lovely. Maybe you could cook me a nice salmon sometime:) Thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Birthday. ~Crikey

Pee Ess: My Mom went to Rome on vacation, and she really loves Italy!

Rita ha detto...

What a PERFECT Valentine table; I love it. That display makes the meal even more special. Happy belated Valentines Day,

Catherine ha detto...

waoh! Annalisa what a lovely table for Valentine,and a nice cake , I hope you had a nice day.Catherine

Merchi ha detto...

Annalisa, that preciousness!!. The day even more special yet.


Lorna May ha detto...

All the work you have put into the table and the food is amazing,
this is lovely post.
Thanks for sharing.

Tiffanee ha detto...

That was beautiful!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti ha detto...

Everything looked so pretty Annalisa! The breads you made are so beautiful!

♥Hope you had a very Happy valentine's Day! ♥