domenica 1 novembre 2009

Halloween Cake!

Isn't it scary?? ehehe...I needed allot of chocolate for this..this time I changed the icing method: I used white chocolate instead of sugar ( like I did last time) and it was much better, sugar is too hard and doesn't stay on when you cut the slices...I will try to better my cobweb drawing skills the next time!
Hope you like anyway,

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Marigold Jam ha detto...

Looks delicious as well as scary!


Auntie sezzzzzz... ha detto...

What a precious Halloween cake!

Yes, we do have colder temps here, in November. Actually, not today. It's warmer than usual today. But it will begin to get cooler, and gray-er, and rains will fall, and no pretty Autumn leaves left on the trees, to make everything look warmer.

But I feel it's best to look on the "bright side" of things. And so, even though dull, damp, dark days are coming, I tried to point out the cozy feeling we can get, at this time of year.

Enjoy your _lack_ of dull, damp, dark days! :-)

Aunt Amelia

Unknown ha detto...

Love the cake and the new blog header.

Lorna May ha detto...

That looks so yummy, yummy, yummy!!