giovedì 18 febbraio 2010

Two lovely awards from Geri! Thank you Geri!

Goodmorning dear readers,
Today I want to share two wonderful awards I received from Geri@heart n soul cooking! Her blog is wonderful...and I think I have already said this, but you have to visit it!Wonderful recipes and besides being a wonderful cook, she's a great sweet friend!

The rules of these two awards are simplier than usual..You don't have to mention the famous " 10 things" but only to mention who gave you the award, leave a comment on the winners' blog, and....spread the LOVE!

The 10 lovely friends who won the award - (I didn't select the tag&award free bloggers, but the award is also for them, meaning I love them too, of course!!!)

Felted house@Felted house




11 commenti:

Catherine ha detto...

Hi Annalisa! thank you so much forn the award! at the moment i am baking some oatmeal cookies to send my student son in Paris!!! this afternoon i will put the award on my blog.Thank you so much , it's a good day which begins.XXX Catherine

Merchi ha detto...

Thank you very much Annalisa!!.
It is an honor to receive an award from you, and i pick it up with lots of enthusiasm.
Within days...posted them on my blog :D


Victoria ha detto...

thank you so much!!!!!! :) i'll post when i've got a chance later today...mum and i are running out the door! xo

Anonimo ha detto...

Good Morning Annalisa....
Thank you so much for the award!! You are such a wonderful friend. I will post this great award over the next couple of days......
I hope your day is beautiful!!

Felted House ha detto...

Thank you so much, lovely awards, I'll add them later in the week! Hope you are having a good day, I've got lots of cleaning and washing to do but still want to try those lovely torcetti, so am hoping to make them today or tomorrow! xx

Reading Tea Leaves ha detto...

Congratulations on your awards Annalisa - you are such a sweetie thinking of us too:)

Jeanne xxx

Rita ha detto...

Good morning Annalisa,
Thank you so much for those lovely awards.I truly appreciate your following my blog and your comments. Blog World is so rewarding! Wishing you all the best and lots of LOVE!

Lyn ha detto...

Thank you Annalisa! I will pop the award on my blog and as I have just given an award to some fellow bloggers may take my time to go through and see who I can pass this one on to.
Thanks again.

Carey ha detto...

Hi Annalisa,

Congratulations on your awards. I wanted to give you the address of the Foodie Friday blog party. Take a look at the past foodie blog parties and see if you would like to join.. It is

have a great day,

Twiglet ha detto...

Just popped over from Felted House - oh yum yum your recipes look scrummy - all calorie free of course! Well done on the awards.

Anonimo ha detto...

Thank you so much for the wonderful award! We will post about it on the weekend. Oh, do you have an extra fish sandwich that you could spare? ~Crikey