mercoledì 14 luglio 2010


Dear readers,
it's time to change.
I had the feeling that this blog was a little bit stuck, I didn't feel like posting anymore. I think there are several reason for this feeling (hot summer, things to do around the house and the garden and so on...) but the main concern is about the language.

It was becoming a little too hard to follow and take care of this blog entirely in english. It took too much time, and I thought it could be easier for me to do all this in italian; I am really sorry for all the english speakers who follow me and lovely commented on each and every post of this blog. I sincerely hope you can all keep on following me and commenting if you want, I am in fact going to put up a translator so you can all understand what I am writing about, although the pictures will help a lot.

I think that I have said almost everything, and I am still trying to find a reason for this big change, but I am sure my blog will look a little better from now on and I will maybe post with pleasure hopefully more often.
I am also disappointed because many bloggers aren't maybe the people I imagined, but  I guess that's normal in  the virtual world. I often commented on blogs which have never stopped by at least to say "thank you". Fortunately, I can say that those are really few people; I have known many dear and lovely ladies which often comment me and write wonderful words from the bottom of their hearts, and I am sorry if I didn't comment as often as they did!

I also want to thank everyone who has so far been kind to me and commented or anyway visited my blog and appreciated it. I hope this big change won't change anything between my followers and me. 
I will keep commenting in english to my english speaker followers, and keep following them of course.

Thanks for reading,

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Karen ha detto...

I will still follow you!

Please add the translator like the one I have on my Blog, you won't lose any readers...Thank you for letting us know!

It is hard to keep from getting "stuck" I am stuck currently! End of school, Summer swim team.... everything right now seems a bit blurry.

Have a fun Summer ;)

Karen B!

Chetana Suvarna Ganatra ha detto...

Dear Annalisa,
Change is always good to keep u excited for wat u do.
I too hv, too many things on my head at de moment but think a lil change here n thr will put things in place.
All de very best woman in whatever u do n of course I will still be ur food follower...

Lorna May ha detto...

Sometimes we all need a change. Like you say when summer comes we want to enjoy it until the day ends.
If you add translator you shouldn't lose's amazing you have kept up English for so long well done you.
I had wondered why you not been updating so often. Kept checking in saying Hello hoping all was okay.
Will you have a new blog address?

Felted House ha detto...

I think you've done an amazing job to post everything in such good english so far- I can quite understand how writing in Italian will be so much easier and I hope you are newly inspired! Of course I shall still be following to see all your recipes and will just use the translator! Best wishes and lots of love as you begin a new phase in your blog! xxxx

Rita ha detto...

My dear Annalisa,
I went through this feeling I couldn't do it anymore, but after a few weeks I realized I had to come back. You are lucky you can keep bloggin with the langauge you are more comfortabale.
I must say you did a fantastic job in English;Bravo!
I do wish I could speak Italian; always been my dream, so I think I willl try and follow you for a while without the translator.
My daughter in law,Sylvana is Italian and their 2 children speak French,English and Italian fluently. So smart of her to have started with her when they were babies.
Anyways, I intend to still follow with or without the translator because I honestly feel you are a kind and understanding person. I love your style and your recipes.

Lyn ha detto...

Annalisa, I will keep following but will need the translator!
Some times its hard to do the posts and to put extra pressure on yourself is just something you don't need!

Unknown ha detto...

I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and the recipes featured in it.
Please do add the translator, or maybe one day I'll learn Italian. :)

Have a wonderful day. Michael.

Paco Becerro ha detto...

We don't mind about the language, there are lots of translators.

Please don't leave it.

Kind regards

María José Andreu Granados ha detto...

Hello Analissa hope the new change for the better that you will think so, you'll see a lovely person comko pococ little will grow, for my part, I support you and give you a lot of spirit to follow and although we can not copmentar other blogs that just happens to everyone, it's all there is to be understood because it works and we're all very stressed.
hugs friend

Louise ha detto...

I'll still be dropping by for sure! I love to see your amazing cooking creations! Have a nice weekend.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti ha detto...

Hi Annalisa

I completely understand and I will still follow you and visit as often as I can.Blogging is pleasurable but also can be very time consuming. I think you did a wonderful job writing in English for so long and using a translator won't be a problem for me.

I enjoy seeing your beautiful creations and I've copied and saved so many of your recipes as I am always trying to learn new authentic Italian recipes. Thanks so much for continuing to blog!

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) ha detto...

darling i wil surely follow u as i did before and love seeing ur wonderful irrestible food recipes ..language doesnt matter...can understand its very time consuming..have fun

~Lavender Dreamer~ ha detto...

I understand, too and want your blogging to be a joy! We can always translate! Thank you for caring so much! ♥

Mariáh ha detto...


I always visit your blog, but for some reason, maybe because I am too shy, I never wrote you a comment.
I am friend of your daughter, Martina. She is really special and great person and now I see from where she got all that :)
About the post in italian,well, now I have one more reason to put more effort into my italian studies :)

Have a great summer!

Annalisa ha detto...

Thank you Mariah for your wonderful comment on my blog, your very kind words and your nice visits to my blog. Martina told me many times about you and I know you are a great person as well! I hope your friendship stays always like this;
Feel free to leave comments on my blog, whenever you want ...don't be shy :)
Thank you again for your lovely comment, and let me know if you have a blog, I will follow/read it.

Mariáh ha detto...

Dear Annalisa,
I thank you for the message,and I also thank Martina for the things she said about me :) I really admire your daughter, for me she is one of most strong, smart and amazing persons I´ve ever met. Unfortunately I do not have a blog, I am never good with those stuffs :) quite opposite of you, who has manage to make a really nice blog, full of yummy food and lot of love and passion to what you do.