lunedì 19 aprile 2010

A brave dog..!

I had a very busy weekend and I am sorry if I didn't manage to catch up all the nice posts of all my followers and readers, I will find anyway some free time to comment everyone today.
As I was saying, Saturday was a very busy day, we received a call from the vet asking for one of our dogs for a blood transfusion for another poor little dog who had a cancer and had to be operated, and so needed blood.
So we decided to help him and we took Hero to the vet...We were really fearing that something could go wrong, but fortunately Hero wonderfully overcame it and he's now feeling good again. We really hope that the dog he helped is feeling better too, and that he will manage to live many years more!
But just wanted to show you how is Hero now, (they obviously had to cut his hairs), since on Saturday he was feeling sleepy and in a daze because he has been sedated with medicines.
He had also some little prizes for his bravery....Gut dog!

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Unknown ha detto...

a very brave dog indeed. I'm glad he's fine now. have a great week ahead... :)

Merchi ha detto...

A dog brave,you recover soon.
It's beautiful, I love it.


Lorna May ha detto...

What a great dog certainly lives upto the name Hero.
What great owners letting their pet help towards saving another much loved pet
BIG BIG pat ont he back to you all

Flaviana ha detto...

Ciao Annalisa
ma lo sai che il tuo post mi ha commossa un pò.. Io adoro i cani, il tuo è un dolce e bellissimo cagnolone coraggioso! E brava anche a te !!!
un abbraccio

Felted House ha detto...

How great that Hero could help in such a way, the owners must be so grateful. Hope he feels fully recovered soon xx

Anonimo ha detto...

Hero is a real hero! That was a very brave thing that your family did for the sick woofie:)

Louise ha detto...

Wow! He was super brave. I am sure the other dog was very grateful - and his owners too I am sure! Big Hug for Hero!

Reading Tea Leaves ha detto...

goodness Hero really lives up to his name - what a dear, brave dog!

And well done to owners such as yourself Annalisa - this is a wonderful thing to do.

Love to you all - and a big hug for Hero.


love lives in the kitchen ha detto...

how beautiful and brave! thank you for sharing.
have a great day,

Camp Stanhope Happenings ha detto...

He's got a sweet face. I miss my dog (she's been gone two years but was 14 when she passed).