lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Italian monday- Pasta ceci patate e pancetta al rosmarino

Weather outside is pretty warm, but evenings are still cold and they call for some comfort food before summer warm evenings arrive here. That's why I decided to post one of my -hopefully- last comfort dishes of this season! I prepared an italian dish called "Pasta ceci e patate" with a slight variation. I have added pancetta cubes to it and some rosemary to season it. Hope you like it!
Il tempo è piuttosto gradevole, tuttavia di sera fa ancora un po' di freddo e si sente il bisogno di alcuni piatti caldi, almeno finchè le calde sere d'estate non saranno del tutto arrivate. E' questo il motivo per cui ho deciso di pubblicare uno dei miei ultimi ( si spera) piatti comfort della stagione! Ho preparato un piatto tipico italiano chiamato "Pasta ceci e patate", con una lieve variazione; ho infatti aggiunto cubetti di pancetta e qualche rametto di rosmarino per profumare ed insaporire. Spero che vi piaccia!

  • A can of chickpeas ( I used the dried ones and poured them in a bowl of water for 12 hours).
  • A middle sized potato
  • Some pancetta cubes
  • A sprig of rosmary
  • 3 tbsp of olive oil
  • salt&pepper
  • 1/2 onion
  • Pasta ( I used the one for soups)
How to make it:
  1. Warm 3 tbsp of olive oil in a saucepan.
  2. Cut pancetta into cubes and some slices of onion.
  3. Put in the saucepan the slices of the onion and let it brown.
  4. Now add the pancetta cubes, and stir it, til it browns.
  5. Pour the chickpeas in, and stir for some minutes, then add a lot of water.
  6. Let it boil, low the heat and put a lid on the pan. Keep adding water in the case it evaporates.
  7. Now wash and peel the potato, cut it into big pieces, and put it in a bowl with some water.
  8. Add the potato about 20/30 mins before the chickpeas are ready.
  9. Add pasta some minutes before it is all ready - according to the cooking time of the pasta you are using- and cook it, stirring every now and then.
  10. Add salt & pepper, and a sprig of rosemary. 
  11. Serve warm and enjoy!

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Paco Becerro ha detto...

Mmmmmmmmmmh, I also had today a Pasta Monday. But as I'm going to the Seminario of pasta of Cerdeña next Friday, I've changed it for a salade.

In my blog, I will publish tonight a special recipe with meat, tomato and vegetables.


Victoria ha detto...

mmmm i love pasta ceci!!!! we still a chilly breeze so comforting meals like this are welcome!!! :) xx

Merchi ha detto...

With the bacon and rosemary, this dish has to have a delicious flavor and aroma.
I like it, Annalisa.There is no doubt that it is a very full plate.


Federica Simoni ha detto...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm..che buona!

Unknown ha detto...

That looks lovely. I love chickpeas. YUM!

Rita ha detto...

I love all the ingredients in this recipe! I am for keeping this one.
Thank you!

María José Andreu Granados ha detto...

This salad is scrumptious chickpea and it enters the heat even more.

Felted House ha detto...

I don't eat meat so am always interested in recipes with chickpeas and beans - I'm sure this would still be tasty without the pancetta too! xx

Catherine ha detto...

hi Annalysa!sorry i have been busy these days and i did not have time to go on blogs much.I hope you had a good Easter. Todays recipe look quite good, i love rosemary. hugs catherine

Celeste ha detto...

It's delicious, I like pasta.

Carey ha detto...

This looks sooooooo good. I know my husband would love this. I will make this dish for sure.

Lazaro Cooks ha detto...

Saw your profile on another page. Glad I found your informative and well-written blog. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!

kitchen decor ha detto...

This looks like a wonderful special pasta! Thanks for sharing.